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How to Growing Your Business Using Social Media

It’s likely that if you own a brand or work in marketing, you already use social media to expand your clientele. If you don’t. Nearly 92% of marketers will be using social platforms for their firms in 2022, so it’s time to make that right. 

The most recent data indicates that there will be 4.65 billion social media users globally in 2022, up 4.8% from the previous year. An average user uses several networks for 2.5 hours every day.

The age group with the largest spending, according to The Bureau of Labour Statistics, comprises 84% of these users: those between the ages of 18 and 29. 

This implies that companies can now connect with billions of engaged, energetic people who simply enjoy making purchases.

However, publishing on social media just for the purpose of posting is insufficient. You need a good strategy in place if you want to keep ahead of the competition, grow organically, and turn those you want to attract into paying clients. 

This post will provide an effective road map for identifying your target market, expanding your fan base, and creating a community of interested, devoted clients. 

Tips How to Growing Your Business Using Social Media

Determine your Audience

Of the most important things to do is this. Determining your target gives you a clear idea of who and what your company should be serving. 

Make use of the common search phrases that users of Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and Discord use to locate groups and communities if you have a keyword approach in place. 

Discover the resources they need, the frequently asked questions they hope to have answered, and potential rivals they may mention. To plan content and consumer journeys, ascertain their general opinion of the niche you are operating in.

Finding out where your intended market is most active comes next after you’ve identified who they are. For instance, while over half all those who use Instagram are under 34, older generations are using the social media platform more frequently than before. 

With 38% of its users being under the ages of 18 and 29, Twitter also appeals to a younger demographic. For Generation Z, TikTok has become the most popular social networking platform.

If you’re having trouble identifying your target market, look at your competitors. Which language do they use for their brand? What sort of content do they produce? 

Which social networking platforms do they frequently use? Look at their engagement rates, comments, and hashtags to get some thought-provoking inspiration. 

Make a Plan in Advance

Having an organized path and plan in place is essential to making the most out of your online presence, regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or want to plug any gaps in your current approach.

  • Find the Voice, Tone, and Messaging of your Brand: It’s important to recognize and interact with your audience because different people will react differently to different messages. Shortly as you make a decision on how you want your company to be identified, you can begin creating content.
  • Arrange the Content you want to Publish: The majority of businesses employ five primary content kinds on social media: written content, quotes, re-shares, photos, and videos. Additionally, even though video content consistently outperforms all other media in terms of engagement, it’s crucial to find a balance and employ a post-to-follow ratio that your fans can become accustomed to.

Create Suitable Content for the different Social Media Platforms

Users on each social network have different demographics. That is unquestionably something to consider when considering how you can utilize social media to expand your company. 

Here are some examples of material that works well on various social media networks.

  • Instagram is an appealing social network where engagement is rewarded with video content. Reels are a terrific tool that businesses can use to showcase their staff, share pertinent insights, and provide a behind-the-scenes look at their operations.
  • LinkedIn is mostly utilized by white-collar professionals. You may establish your brand as an idea leader by posting video content, infographics, business headlines and research, blogs, and in-depth how-to articles.
  • Facebook is the largest social media network With over 2.3 million monthly active members. While it’s difficult to determine exactly what content performs best on the network, companies typically utilize Facebook to share user-generated content, memes, giveaways, and surveys.
  • TikTok is a platform for fast-paced, brief video content (although videos no longer than ten minutes in length are permitted). Because of the platform’s young user base, most social media managers ignore TikTok.

That, however, is a mistake. TikTok’s audience has the same purchasing power as any other social media site. The secret to successful TikTok marketing is to nail your communication through being personal and optimizing the material for the platform. 

If you do this, TikTok may prove useful for any business in any niche. This includes SaaS.

Create Content that is Out of This World

Content is supreme. However, constantly producing scroll-stopping content that connects with those you are targeting is difficult.

You will need some tools to make appealing movies, animations, and graphics without a significant budget and a large staff. 

Canva, Adobe Spark and Fotor are great for creating eye-catching photos. 

For entertaining animations, use Biteable, Boomerang by Instagram, or Powtoon. 

Animaker, iMovie, Lumen5, and Soapbox are excellent video editing software.

Make full use of adapting to extend the longevity of your material. The technique of combining and reusing all pieces of old information to create something new is known as content repurposing. 

For example, if you’re recording a podcast, make a video of it so you can utilize brief portions for Facebook, the entire clip or a YouTube video, and blooper for Instagram stories.

Post on a Regular Basis

Quality is perhaps just as crucial as consistency. Even if you develop fantastic content, it goes to waste unless you can produce sufficient content to remain helpful to those who follow you and algorithms. 

However, frequent publication might be a double-edged weapon. While many social media sites urge new users to post a minimum of once per day, numerous advertisers fail to recognize the trend of content fatigue. 

When people who follow you become desensitized to viewing your postings, this is known as content fatigue. This can lead to unfollows and a drop in interaction, both of which are negative indicators for your account. 

Here’s a helpful chart from HubSpot that illustrates how the quantity of posts on Facebook that their clients made each month impacted the quantity of searched clicks on each post. We won’t go too technical with this one.

It gets increasingly difficult to manually handle everything the more websites you attempt to grasp, particularly when attempting to accommodate various time zones. You’re in luck since we have the ideal fix. 

With just a single click, you can produce, organize, and queue content for all of the major social media sites with Kontentino’s robust scheduling capabilities. 

We facilitate smooth teamwork as well, but more about that later. Once scheduling is under control, set aside time for content creation, plan your postings, and bulk produce your content to minimize unneeded delays.

Involve your Followers

Giving your audience a reason to engage with your brand through content tweaking makes them genuinely care about it.

 More engagement also tells engines that the website is relevant and ought to be seen by more users (see, for instance, Youtubers requesting likes from their audience).  

Remind yourself to repost Instagram Story mentions, like and respond to comments, and reply to direct messages. 

Send a customized thank-you note to those who make encouraging comments on your page to go one step further. Don’t forget to include entertaining surveys and questions in your article.

Utilize paid Advertisements

Advertising is the lifeblood of all of the social networks, including Facebook and Pinterest. Furthermore, social media has turned into a pay-to-play game as a result of the enormous user, content provider, and business growth that these networks have experienced in recent years.

For instance, Instagram’s organic reach dropped by 47% in the preceding two years. In 2022, just 5,200 of your 100,000 Facebook followers will be able to see your posts.

Therefore, if you want to outperform the competition and increase the visibility of your brand, you must have a plan in place for digital promotion. 

The following considerations should be made while using paid advertisements:

  • Understand the essential tactics for organizing your campaign on each platform where you intend to run ads.
  • To improve your advertisements, use A/B testing to test various CTAs, audiences, creatives, and copy. To identify the winners, grow sustainably, and lower your CPA/CPM, you must continuously test.
  • Create mobile-friendly advertisements. By 2021, 72.9% of all e-commerce sales will come from mobile devices. Your advertisements won’t function if they aren’t optimized for mobile devices natively. 
  • Spend money on excellent video material. 

Include Calls to Action (CTAs)

Ultimately, you want to use social media to attract new clients, thus it’s critical to lead your followers through to a conversion.

There are certain effective techniques to encourage those who follow you to take action, even though being extremely salesy is never a smart idea: 

  • Make use of deals that end soon. 
  • Choose words that have a strong action. 
  • To help them stand out, use graphics. 

Try out some live Video Experiments

By 2027, the video stream market is projected to reach $184.27 billion

Even though it can be challenging for businesses to master the art of live video success, these platforms can be incredibly effective for increasing audience engagement and facilitating real-time communication. 

Influencer marketing and advertising are the primary ways in which companies are taking advantage of live streaming services such as Twitch. The ardent devotion of Twitch fans to their preferred producers is one of the reasons this works so well. 

Actually, 84% of viewers on Twitch think that supporting creators is a crucial aspect of the platform, and 76% value sponsors that back their favorite creators.

Creating your own stream is the second streaming live marketing strategy. Even while hosting an effective live stream can seem like a difficult undertaking, particularly for people like us who aren’t good actors, with the correct plan in place you’ll become a legitimate pro-streamer very quickly.

Before going live, 

  • Prepare your lightning, present yourself well, and, if you’re conducting a live, stationary session, take off any distracting background elements.
  • Write a brief screenplay. Although you don’t want to write anything too elaborate or complicated, outlining the overall flow of the live broadcast on paper will help you avoid getting lost.

Ideas for live streaming;

  • Share current activities taking place at your business. 
  • Conduct interviews with influential people in the field. 
  • Take a peek behind the scenes at the development and creation of your product. 
  • Highlight your staff and corporate culture.

Try to be Human as you can 

What is the connection between Wendy’s and Elon Musk? We’ll wait a moment for you. Yes, both of them actively display their humanity on social media. 

Do you recall the Twitter roasts of Wendy? With its ingenious burns, Wendy’s stood shoulder to shoulder with regular Joes and industry titans like McDonald’s, all the while gaining over 900k followers on Twitter and frequently topping the trending tab. What made it so successful?

People were shocked and thrilled to see a business go so far outside the box because they knew there was a clever, crafty individual behind the brand’s taunting.

One other outstanding example is Elon Musk. The world’s fastest-growing company employs Elon as its CEO. 

However, most individuals will likely give you a blank look if you ask them who the CEO at GM or KIA is. Elon’s pleasant demeanor, high social presence, and permeability have a direct effect on Tesla sales.

Make people Fearful of Missing Out

FOMO, or fear of missing out on something fantastic, is the anxiety that arises. These days, it might be a strategy for using social media to expand your company’s reach.

By demonstrating how their potential consumers’ lives can be better by incorporating the item you sell into their daily lives, companies and advertising agencies can effectively leverage the power of FOMO. 

Here are a few strategies used by brands to generate strong FOMO: 

  • Employ social evidence 
  • Show off your powerful branding 
  • Limit the duration of the deal. 
  • Make use of influencer marketing

Use Social Media Platforms as a Customer Service Medium

For the great majority of customers, speed is a crucial component of a positive customer experience. 

As we’ve said previously, it’s critical to interact and communicate with your audience. This is especially true when handling customer service issues and questions regarding your company. 

Not only is it more cost-effective to use your current social media accounts as a service channel than to hire a specialized support staff, but customers also prefer social media to traditional email or phone calls. 

For many clients, social media will provide a self-service alternative in the event that they are unable to locate the pertinent information they require.

Make your Brand Unique

Speaking of branding, you need to put even more effort into your branding if you intend on standing out from other businesses and stick in the minds of your target audience in the face of strong competition and declining organic exposure on social media.

  • Make your logo, design, icons, colors, and animations your best visual touchpoints.
  • Put some personality into your brand.
  • Make original illustrations 
  • Include industry insiders and influencers. 
  • Form communities and groups 

Try out some Short Clips

Some of the biggest social media platforms switched from traditional longer clips to short-form, extremely engaging content because of TikTok’s rapid growth in popularity. 

Businesses who use Instagram Reels and YouTube clips to provide advice, highlight new goods, and produce relatable content have seen enormous increases in impressions and engagement.

Display the behind the scenes aspects of your company

If you want to spice up your social media account, behind-the-scenes content is the ideal addition. 

You may provide your audience with an intimate glimpse inside your business, showcase the evolution of your offerings, and give your outstanding employees some vital screen time by showing BTS.

Be Authentic

Businesses that provide complete transparency stand a good chance of keeping 94% of customers loyal. Since humans are socially conscious, real companies are human brands.

You may win people’s trust by being a human being by communicating, listening, and showing compassion for those around you. Customers are more inclined to buy from you when they have faith in you.

Establish a Community

In late 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the phrase “NFT” gained widespread usage as a symbol of a dark trend, taking over the home screen of all social media platforms, including news websites. NFTs especially have become less appealing, but the marketing industry has been impacted by their growth tactics, which place a strong emphasis on creating communities. 

In 2022, 64% of marketers intend to spend in social media communities, according to Hubspot. Companies may inform, amuse, and interact with their audience through platforms such as Reddit, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Discord, and Twitter Spaces.

Why is involvement so important? In conclusion, most of the challenges associated with the purchasing process can be reduced by a lively and engaged community. Ratings? Response? Ideas? Customers can get all the information they need to know regarding your brand in the community you created. As a result, your customers start acting as micro-influencers and brand ambassadors. 

Your audience should come first, not branding or promotions, in order to create a successful community. You ought to highlight and motivate user-generated content from your viewers.

A significant amount of money must also be spent on community management and the material that will be added to it. Here’s when having a solid content calendar comes in rather helpful. 

Lastly, make sure that your community is easily accessible. Create an Instagram feature story that features your community, and dedicate a portion of your website to showcasing the amazing content that your followers have to offer.

FAQs of Growing Business on Social Media

How can we use social media to expand my business?

Use the low-cost advertising choices available on major social networks for advertising your material and special offers. Since most social networking marketing is significantly less expensive than traditional advertising, growing your audience, promoting your business, and reaching a bigger audience do not require large financial investments.

How could social media help in personal development?

It has the ability to strengthen interpersonal relationships as well as personal growth. Students are also encouraged to use social networking sites to learn and grow. It can also help businesses extend their customer bases and increase their income. Using social media has various advantages.

Which social network is growing Fastest?

Among the most widely used social media platforms, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter had the fastest growth rates between 2020 and 2022.

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